Squeaky Brakes.

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Just had a full service and mot done on my car , but the brakes are stilll squeeky when applied , mainly happens the more i use and the further i drive it and not when i 1st get in the car . any suggestions as to why this might be?

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number of reasons cause brake squeal

did you make who serviced the car, aware of the squeal, or more to the point, did they say they did anything to stop it?

rear drum brakes

main reasons for squeal here, is excessive brake dust (should have been cleaned out as part of service) or any metal to metal contact within the drum...such as where the shoes rest against the backplate, or rest against the wheel cylinder...cured easily with a smear of copperslip on the contact points

front disc brakes

main reason is any metal to metal contact, such as between pad backing and caliper piston, where pads are located on the carrier, any metal retaing pins/spring plates...again, easily cured with copperslip

can also be caused by excessive movement on caliper sliding pins..using a cv type grease can help, but if wear is bad (rare) then caliper/carrier might need replacing.

finally..squeal can be caused by poor brake pad/shoes quality, only cure for this is to change the pads/shoes

there is a lot of cheap rubbish and fake parts on the market, so stick to a known good quality make and get it from a trusted supplier [ be especially careful if buying from internet/or well known auction site...its rife with cheap rubbish and fakes)

so out of all that, only a clean out/adjustment of rear brakes along with a visual inspection of both front and rear, would/should fall into service schedule...so unless you specified a squeal problem, doubt a service would sort the problem out

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ok thank you my dad said dust but its been happening a while now , i thought theyd check the brakes anyways i though it may have been the pads need changing or something. i think the fact they told me my suspension had gone and the price it was goin to cost to fix it that i got side tracked and forgot to mention it.

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