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Focus Mk 2.5 Heated Seat Problem


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Hi all,

I need some help please so here goes......

I've got a Focus Zetec Sport (Diesel) on a 10 plate. I've swapped the standard seats for full Leather Recaro's (these came out of a ST 59 plate) looking at the wiring loom (from the seat's) it would appear they're heated (they have the Blue & Green connection) I've bought the relevant switches, (I've got two sets and I've tried them both) taken the dash apart and it appears the wiring is in place. I've plugged the wiring connectors into the switches, however the switches are not illuminating and the seats aren't getting warm/hot. I've checked the Fuse box behind the glove box and it appears the relevant fuse is in place - Fuse 121? I've also swapped this 20 amp fuse for another just in case, bit still no luck.

I'm guessing that as the switches aren't illuminating the problem has got to be due to no power reaching them?

P.S not sure if this is relevant but it's keyless entry.

Thanks all!!

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im in the middle of this.

i found the switch wire pasenger and driver go to the connector in passenger foot well.i didnt have a wire from their to my seats so i added one to the seat plug(the one that goes to the green connector)ive had to take a wire from fuse box fuse 121 to the seats(this wire goes to both seat plugs)

plug (the one that goes to the blue connector top one).lower one is earth.hope this helps.


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