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Thanks guys!

Unfortunatly the other car has claimed it on insurance - but i was expecting it to be honest. Luckily I don't have to pay anything else because I have decided not to claim on my insurance, but of course my premium will be higher than last year.

I haven't heard anything about a retest and i didnt get any points.

As for the car - Well its still sat on my drive looking very sorry for itself! I'm stuck between scraping it and selling it for parts, does anyone know roughly what i'd get for each?

Thanks for all your help! :D

Good times on the retest, that's the last thing that's needed >_>

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Your consequence will be a loss of 2 years no claims bonus now.

scrap.. you would be lucky, you could get up to £100 for the local breakers to take it off your hands and to the tip, they would sell it for parts.

Otherwise, you could if you had nothing but time, start sticking all the bits on ebay that are unaffected. so sell the wheels, sell the seats, steering wheel, boot lining, light units, headlights etc. If you did this you could probably make about 500 out of parts as a minimum. Then, you could get the local scrappy to take the shell of the car away on a wagon and you might have to pay about £50...

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Scrapping might be worthwhile money wise - check how much the scrappage rates are - i think it was about £120 per tonne earlier this year (although i got a virus on my comp from checking this!) but bear (bare?) in mind that this is a longer process doing the parts separately!

i was helping my friend break parts for his audi and he lost patience in the end, he did make money out of it though !

guess it depends how urgent you would like to rid the thing :rolleyes:

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Try one of those car recycling places, I've no idea what you'd get for it, but i'm sure it would be more than the scrappy

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