Clock Cluster Change From 07 To 08 1.8 Tdci

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I have just changed my clock cluster in my 1.8 07 tdci.

I have fitted a clock cluster from a focus C max 1.8 08 tdci

All the clocks work fine as they should, when i now go to start my car you turn the key all the cluster lights up as it should, but when you turn the key to the start position there is nothing apart from the red round light at the top of the cluster beyween temp n fuel gauge constantly flashes, think this is the immobaliser light.

Can any1 tell me how to solve this problem pkease??


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The immobilizer is integrated in both the instrument cluster and the PCM. The transponder numbers of the transponder keys are stored in the instrument cluster. The instrument cluster sends a signal to the PCM to switch the immobilizer off when a programmed transponder key is recognised. The Instrument cluster and PCM also needs to be synchronised. Both contain a configuration file which needs to be the same.

When a new (or used) instrument cluster is fitted it is nescessary to configure the instrument cluster for your vehicle. All setting must be correct for your car. Next all transponder keys (minimum of 2 is required) must be programmed to the instrument cluster. When this is done the instrument cluster and PCM needs to be synchronised with eachother (PATS pairing or PATS initialization).

Programming of all settings of the instrument cluster can be done with an ELM327 interface and the ELMconfig software. Programming of the PATS immobilizer system can be done with the Ford IDS diagnostic system or any suitable Ford specific diagnostic system which has the ability to perform PATS programming actions.

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Many thanks, so its justs a case of having the clock cluster reprogramed to the rest of the vehicles system so everything will match.

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