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Morning all,
Not entirely sure if this is the right place to post, but couldn't see any other areas!

I've owned a few cars before now but never got into doing any customisation/mods, did bits on bikes a few years back but again nothing mega.

I am planning to do some bits to my Ford Escort Mk 6, however instead of the usual lowering, fancy bumpers etc, I was looking to raise the suspension, chunkier tires, bit of a tune, etc,

Where would I start looking for half these things?!

Cheers in advance


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Moved this to the modifications discussions section. Id say coilovers are probably your best option for suspension as you can set them as high or low as you want but just so you know the higher you go the higher your center of gravity will be and the more chance you'll have of spinning out if you take a corner too quick. Ive never heard of anyone raising their suspension and this is probably the reason why

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Cheers Dan,

Sorry the page wasn't displaying the rest of the topics (hidden by ads!)

Ah thanks, i'll look into them, And cheers for the heads up, although most who lower are after precise cornering, as fast as possible.

whereas i'm not much of a racer, i'd like a little more acceleration but that's about it =]

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