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Noisy Fan Blower

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My fan blower makes a loud noise intermittently and slows down. It usually happens when I first start the car, though this could be coincidence as it slows down whilst driving on numerous occassions though not all the time. if I put the blower on there is a loud noise from the fan/motor behind the glovebox.. I investigated this by getting behind the glovebox and taking the motor out thinking something may be trapped inside. However there were no leaves or anything in there and no signs of the motor rubbing or catching on anything. I ran the fan whilst holding it outside of its 'enclosure' and the noise disappears, when I put it back in its place the noise appeared again. I checked the pollen/cabin filter to see if that was causing the problem, however when I removed it and turn the blower on the noise was still there. When the noise appears the fan slows down and blows much less air out of the vents almost like the motor is jammed. I can see this happening through the gap where the pollen filter was, but it doesn't appear to be catching on anything, the motor seems to slow down for no reason and the loud noise appears. The strange thing is when the fan unit is taken out of the enclosure there is no noise and it blows normally but when back in its place the slow down and noise appears. Could it be some kind of loss of power to the fan unit? I have oiled the motor on the fan and it has made no difference. I don't understand why it's only noisy intermittenttly and only when it's in it's enclosure. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

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not sure what you mean by when you remove it from its enclosure, or run it outside of the enclosure? could be a wiring issue but until I can really understand what you mean, I will struggle to offer anything more really...

Going to move you to the Focus section...

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I mean it only makes the noise when it is in its correct place behind glove box....I let it drop down from its enclosure after unscrewing it, and onto the floor, held it in my hand and no noise....as soon as I pushed it back up into its place the noise starts but can't see it rubbing on anything.

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Hi Darren, 

Did you ever manage to get to the bottom of this?

I have exactly the same issue in my ST170. Blower sound fine when removed from behind the glove box but extremely noisy when you put it back in the enclosure?


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