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! Guide ! Installing A Sub Box To Mk7

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There is a way to bring it in to the car where it isn't visible, go back from the battery and under the bonnet hinge then when you pull the rubber door seal back and look under the glove box there's a rubber grommet that you can remove and feed it down the outer skin, it's a bit tedious however I found it much better than having bare wire showing

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Bringing this thread back from the dead.

I'm upgrading the sounds in my Mk7.5 3 door Fiesta ZS.  Keeping the factory stereo (not the Sony one). I've decided to replace the front Speakers including tweeters with Pioneer Speakers I've had a few years. I'm running new cables 1.5mm to my 4 channel amp which I plan to put under the passenger seat. 

My question is what to do with the other 2 channels of the amp. I had planned to replace the rear 2 Speakers too and run them from the amp but I'm wondering if I'd be better using it for a sub instead. If I do get a sub I'd look for an under seat one as don't want to lose any boot.

So if I use the amp to power the fronts and a sub have I lost my rear 2 Speakers or can you split the rear speaker wires to feed the amp input and direct to the back Speakers too? For info my amp has high level inputs so don't need and RCA adapter.


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Hey, ik you said its not anovice job but im confidient i can do this, i was wondering if you can link me everything i need?? I have already found a sub with built in amp and wiring kit.


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