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Alexp999's Focus Titanium X (S?)

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My car is going through a few problems at the moment, the locking/keyless system is playing up and now the entire set of controls on the drivers door has stopped working (mirrors, windows, etc). Just waiting on some Ford (head?) engineers to get in touch with my local garage, they may have to send someone down from head office to take a look.

In spite of that, I have ordered some new shoes for my car today! Always wanted these since I first saw them in the brochure before I bought the car. :D


And it should look something like this:


Now just got to wait a week or two for them to get them in.....

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New shoes are fitted!

I'll take some better pictures after I have cleaned it, you'll have to excuse the gold brake discs too, it has only been sat still overnight. :rolleyes:

post-17010-0-07891700-1394285083_thumb.j post-17010-0-76820400-1394285083_thumb.j post-17010-0-30778800-1394285084_thumb.j

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Hey Alex , footwear looks great :) and should be alot easier to clean then the Titanium wheels , i remember on my Mk2.5 and all the skin i lost cleaning them.

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Really pleased with them, especially the off silver colour. It's hard to see in a photo.

Cleaning was part of the reason I changed them, hated cleaning the old 15 spoke alloys. Funny thing, they have actually painted the inside of these rims black so although I can reach in to clean them, you're unlikely to notice, lol.

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Don't want anyone to think I had forgotten to post, I just still haven't cleaned it, haha!

It is filthy at the moment, but when I was going to clean it, timed in with all that Saharan dust so I couldn't see the point.

Gave the inside a real good clean at the weekend though after taking it for a run around the back roads.

Also managed to finally use the touch up paint as it was nice and fill in a stone chip on the bonnet. Plan to give it a good clean on Friday, polish the rest of the stone chip out as best I can and treat it to a wax.

Then I'll post some pics, lol.

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