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hello all,

I love my music when driving and I am looking to sort out my sound system as the standard one gets a bit distorted. Dont know alot about it, hence why im asking everyone else, and was just wondering what poeple would suggest i do first. I mean i dont want to spend a fortune sorting it all out and i just want a nice clean sound that doesnt distort when its loud and can handle the bass.

Anyone got any ideas? Do i need to change the door Speakers etc if i get some 6x9s in the back? Would you reccomend a sub aswell? What else do i need to take into consideration when doing this?

Any help as ever is MUCh appreciated as I have pretty much no idea on Speakers and what not.

Thanks!!! :)

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an easy option is this:

a sub can be added in for the low down bass, basically turning your stereo into a 4.1 surround system. a decent head unit will also help get better sounds, and also adjusting the bass and the treble. mine is set at +3 for the treble and -1 for the bass. i only have the standard stereo in my fiesta, though i have added two 6x9's into the rear to compliment the rear Speakers running in parallel. if you do that you need to match up the resistance on the Speakers, for example 4 ohms to 4 ohms.

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