(Un)Official Ford Meet.....east England

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Hi All,

After some discussions with other members I thought I would start a thread about organising a Ford meet somewhere in East England (but am open to suggestions) The idea being on a weekend which is good for lots of people (also open to suggestions) that we meet in a, as of yet undecided, location and show off a bit. It might be nice to meet some other ford enthusiasts, club members etc and steal each others car wisdom and ideas. Now I am partial to a fiesta so was aiming this meet at fellow fiesta owners...however anyone with a car displaying the mighty blue oval would be welcome.

SO.....I would like to know if 1) you are interested in a meet 2) any suggestions for a place and 3) any suggestions for a weekend.

I hope lots of like minded individuals will be keen to have a meet soon.

Kind Regards


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1) I'm interested

2) PUB (obviously im going to be frowned upon for this answer)

3) I'm free every weekend except for the 28th/29th september

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