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Hi, hope I'm doing this right as I'm new to this forum.

I have just bought a Fusion 2 TDCi with zero history and 108k miles. I've been cheaking it over and preparing it for use. Whilst engine sounds lovely (as lovely as a direct injection diesel ever sounds) it's clear the car has been run on a tight budget by an uncaring owner (filthy interior, cheap tyres, oil looks dirty, etc)

Faults/issues found so far:

1. Weird noise from 'clutch' as u pull away, disapears when clutch is fully released. Assuming clutch release bearing :wacko: , not overly conserned, I'm assuming it'll get a lot worse before it's terminal!

2. Fan only works in position 4 & engaginging 4 extingishes the air con light :wacko: I'm assuming 4 only simply means the resistor pack has overheated and blown its thermal resistor. I've located and removed this (omg it's well hidden), I didn't bother testing it, just ordered a replacement as they so cheap. I've also cleaned the pollen filter as I'm aware these are often the cause of the resistors overheating (I will replace this very shortly when I give the car a full service). Hopefully air con will be ok once the replacement resistor arrives.

3. I understand the timing belt is 150 000 miles/10 years changes, so I guess it's never been done. Is it worth changing the water pump at the same time? If it brakes; is it a dead engine, or is it a 'safe' engine?

4. I seem to have an oil leak from the gearbox area :( See picture below... Any ideas? Is there a gearbox dipstick?


Thanks, Daisy x

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For the timing belt 150.000 miles or 10 years is correct. (You can see all the service intervals at the Ford ETIS website (http://www.etis.ford.com/fordservice/serviceScheduleForm.do) If it breaks you don't have to change only the belt, there will be more damage (pistons/valves etc)

I just replaced mine this week (90.000 miles and 9 years old but also no service history so i wanted to be on the save side) and i also replaced the water pump. Simply because it's not the most fun job to replace so i only want to remove the timing belt once every ten years!

My water pump was still good but there is a good change it will go bad (bearings or seal) after the timing belt change because the tension on the waterpump axle is changing because of the new belt and tensioner. So for about 60 euros more i didn't want to take any changes.

About the leakage, first clean the area, on the right on your picture is a plastic cover where the gear selector cables are connected. First take a look there is you can see anything, cover is clicked on so very simple.

After you cleaned/degreased the area it's easier to see where the oil is coming from.

If i look at the location you have multiple opportunities, leaking crankshaft seal, leaking clutch slave cilinder or, don't know if they can leak but leakage from the seals (if there are seals) of the gear selector levers. but the latter is easily excluded by removing the plastic cover.

(And no, there's no gearbox oil dipstick)

Another tip, if the vehicle is ill maintained renew the brake fluid as one off the first things, that's one off the things thats most forgotten!

(And don't forget to also renew it in the clutch lines, they feed of the master brake cilinder reservoir too, that's forgotten even more!)

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Thank you so much for your reply Arjen. I see you've made some interesting mods to your Fusion!

I'm am off to clean the offending area now, I will update as things progress, I'm in no hurry as I have another car I'm using until the Fusion is sorted :) x

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Just replaced fan resistors, fan now works on all speeds, air con l;ight doesn't mysteriously go out. But I'm unconvinced air con works, no doubt that a seperate issue!

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As Argen suggested, the cover was very easy to remove (most unlike modern stuff) :) I attach a picture below ... looks to me like I've a rather tricky to fix leak coming from where the gearbox linkages enter the gearbox, I guess there may be a seal I can replace or some magic stuff I can add to the gearbox oil that will rejuvenate the seals and gaskets :( I really wish the gearbox had a dipstick too so I'd have some idea of any fluid loss :angry: Any advice very welcome :rolleyes:


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