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Osx Vs Windows

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I am in the market for a new pc and currently can't decide between an imac or a cheaper self build pc with the view to upgrading next year when intel Broadwell cpu's are released, anyway I'm a life long windows user but my needs have changed somewhat from my previous purchase. The specs of the mac that I could afford would be borderline better than my self build I will list below, has anyone here moved camp from windows to osx and is it an easy thing to get to grips with?

I mac:

Baseline 21.5"


8gb ram

1tb hdd

Iris pro graphics


Self build:

I3 4330 or 4340

4gb ram

500gb hdd

550w psu

Evga 650ti boost so

Fractal design define re

If I get the mac it will serve me for photo editing and storage as well as light gaming and general computing.

What's the verdict here?

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Moving to Mac takes a little while to get used to, but I know many who use Windows at home, and MAC at work, and I have to say, few of them want to keep the MAC full time. One of my customers had his MAC in for repair more times than he brought it in to his office!

Its a good step, but you have a whole new world to get used to, and being (marginally) less popular than Mr PC, you find that your general usability of the MAC is reduced to how many apps are written for it!

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I'm currently thinking of keeping everything the same (phone, tablet & computer) I have had an iTunes account for donkeys, own an iPhone 4S, a iPad (which I want to upgrade to the new mini as I have a MkI) & multiply nano's.

I too will be using the iMac as a photo editor, the 3.0 USB connection will be helpful downloading the massive RAW files (25.4mb each) from my Nikon D700, as will the 1TB of drive space JPeg's range from 8mb to 11.5mb a photo after processing.

PC's just seem to get out dated rather quickly, you always need to upgrade the chip or upgrade the RAM.

Every piece of software I require can be used on the iMac, Adobe Lightroom, Minecraft, Microsoft Office.

If you feel it meet your needs go for it.

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