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Fiesta Metal Tyre Help Please

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Its that time...need to change two front tyres, so im after a little bit of advice please.

At the moment they are Bridgestone 205/40/R17 84V.

My questions are;

Can i fit W or Y speed rated tyres?

What brands do you recommend?

Will they scratch the paint off the wheel?

Looking at a budget of £50-80 maybe a bit more per tyre.

Thanks Marcus

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Marcus these black round things are all that keep you on the road so don't go down the cheap/discount route especially with your motor buy the very best you can afford. Have a look on Blackcircles.com they can supply and fit or deliver to your home only so you could buy this month then pay your local store next month.

Tyre choice is a bit of a black art (no pun intended) every one has their own opinion. What make do you have on? Are you happy with them? If so maybe stick with them. If not what do you want from them, super road holding-Toyo Proxy, long lasting-Continentals or other top brand, etc etc.

Any decent fitter should not damage your wheels but if you are worried mention it to them up front that should keep them on their toes.

The speed rating you need to check to make sure you get one sufficient for your car. When you put your reg. No in any tyre site it will only return results with the correct rating. Again don't be tempted to go lower to save money, your life is much more important than a few quid saved.

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Normally its fine to have a higher speed rating tyre, its just if you get less than this you risk more problems.

As for the tyres though, as already said, check the online retailers, as you can get them much cheaper than certain large tyre resellers!

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In the end i went for avon zz5's so far they seem like a really good tyre. After reading reviews and what people said they seem best. £160 all in at national tyres. Thanks for the advice guys :)

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