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Wheel Alignment And Balance

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Well I went up to the tyre shop today to get my wheel alignment and balance checked, due to feeling like the car was slightly pulling left (whichever camber of road - moreso at speed) and an intermittent vibration from the wheel between about 68-73mph. I Have been going there for years for alignment as they have the Hunter equipment and know what they are doing. Alignment check came back all clear (see pic), but both front wheels were out of balance. The technician also rotated 2 fronts in case it was uneven tyre wear causing the pull. Well pleased to say it seems to have solved the problem, but not had chance to drive on a dry road yet as its tipping it down here today


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cost me a grand total of £20.40. Alignment was free as nothing needed to be adjusted, as if you go on this places website there is a voucher you can print out to give you a free check (normally £18) and the wheel balancing cost me £10.20 per wheel. If it had needed alignment adjusting that would have cost me about £32 quid as you can only adjust 2 wheels. Also he checked both Sports and standard suspension settings as we weren't too sure what I had - his system showed standard (Etis shows my car as having "Handling Suspension") but the only difference was the camber settings, which aren't adjustable on mine anyway, in fact he gave a print out of both sets of settings:





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