Saturday Night Joys

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I've owned my Mondeo 11 month's and last night it finally popped its cherry:


I was more surprised by how calm and quiet the lad was about it.

'By the way I've thrown up down the side of the car'

Usually you hear them grunt, complain and sometimes cry.

Unfortunately he left some undesirable chunks inside too.

Needless to say I can't wait to find a new job.. :p

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£50 here.

Amount of times I get called to mediate on this matter.

Technically as it's a contract between a driver an passengers the Police can only assist but not enforce.

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I sympathise with the 'likes of you' Clive, in that one minute your enforcing the law and dealing with the drunks fighting, or the actual criminals, and then the next minute your a Councillor asking "well how do you feel about that".

I think it should be enforceable by officers. No faffing around, if there is a blatant breach of the contract between punter and taxi driver, then rather than an officer spending half an hour trying to mediate the problem, then the police should have the power to say "you threw up, they charge X, you pay X now". Unfortunately, I guess the issue is that without a law to govern it, your never going to be able to. Specifically when it is related to drink. As I understand it, if I was to get a ride from a taxi, leg it into my house without paying the fare, then the police could prosecute me for (amongst other things) theft of a service? if so, surely this should be treat under the same means?

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