Focus 1.6 Tdci, Loss Of Power

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Im new to this site and im hoping someone can help with my problem as garages and mobile machanic's keep failing!!

I have a 1.6 tdci focus estate 55 reg which I bought around 9 months ago.

When I bought the car it ran perfect for 2 days and then suddenly it cut out on me at traffic lights.

A light came on the dash that I think is engine management light ( looks a bit like the sun lol)

I restarted engine and the car ran fine until I went to accelerate from a junction, the car lost power and went into limp mode. It has done this ever since. The way I get past it is to quickly turn engine off and on and it resets itself.

I have had car serviced and had egr valve cleaned but didn't help.

one thing I did notice is when we had a few months of hot weather it ran fine, But now its cold again its worse than ever until I have ran it for 20 mins or so.

Hope someone can spread some light on the problem


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I had the same problem with my focus but without a light coming on. What fixed the problem for me was changing the fuel filter.

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