Rant About The Useless Beggers On The Road!!!

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Changed my mind after I have done a bit more research! the sub £20 are good basic value, but not really what I am after. I have looked into the GS8000L camera. Seems a bery good quality and well rated by the coolosertech @ youtube!:p

Slightly more expensive (can be bought for under £25 rather than under £20) but they look alright!

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I use a cheap one from eBay, cost me £19. The sound quality isn't great, which is a let down as I predominantly use it to record what's going on within the car. When it was snowing last year, I kept it facing outwards for obvious reason. Recognising VRMs is quite difficult at a distance. However, the night vision is better than I expected.

My girlfriend works in a tech store, so she got me a few SD cards with decent GBs on them. After each shift I let it record over old footage, but if you keep the lapse on a 5minute record, the FPS is better in comparison to a 15minute lapse. If anything takes place in the car, I take the SD card out, put my spare one in the camera and when I get a chance I copy the incident/funny stuff to the laptop.

Unfortunately, like everything, it comes down to £ but I've heard nothing but good regarding these:

If you're a big spender, the guy I rented cars off had these fitted to every car. I don't know how, but they worked it so that when reviewing footage, it would track your position on a map.

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