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Oil filter, fuel filter for FORD FOCUS 1.8 TDCi Duratorq Turbo Diesel

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New to this site so sorry if this question has been asked before. Need to change the oil, fuel and air filter on my Focus but been a long time since i attempted to do anything like this. Lifted the bonnet and no sign of any, i assume they're all hidden under the plastic hood? Fuel filter worries me as i've never seen anything like this before,larger than the oil filter and 3 strange tube like things attached to the bottom of it. Would be a great help if anyone can tell me wherei can find these items and is it beyond my capabilities to change them?

Many thanks.

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My advice would be to find a small mechanic garage and get them to change the fuel filter. At the same time they could do the oil and air filter for you. Should only need to pay for 1 hours worth of work. At the same time get your service book stamped. That will help you sell it later on. well worth it in the long run.

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Need to change the oil, fuel and air filter on my Focus

Might depend on model but none are under the palstic hood on the 2001 version:

The airfilter's dead simple to find and fit unless you drop the screws.... A bit of blue tack in the slot stops them falling off the screwriver :) Airbox is on passenger side behind the battery.

Fuel filter lurks near the bulkhead in front of the driver. You may need to lift the power steering fluid bottle out of the way (keep it upright if you do).

Its simple enough in theory. In practice make damn sure you know what the one fitted looks like as there seem to be at least a couple of variations on the theme and you want to check you have the right one before you leave the shop. I'd be inclined to spend the 20 odd quid involved and buy the Haynes or Clymer manual for such handy hints as 'remember to fill the filter with diesel before refitting the top' which sound obvious but in the excitement of the moment are so easy to forget :unsure:

A pattern filter is less than half the price of a ford filter. Makes you think.

Oil filter's a pig to get at. I do it from underneath. Well, as I'm there anyway draining the oil ....

Someone may be along shortly to tell you a better way to do it!

Yeah you can pay the extra and have a mech do it..... Or you can keep the receipt for the parts instead.

You'll still trouser change after buying the big book of lies you need too.

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I replaced the oil and oil filter on my 1.8tdci recently. The oil filter is located on the rear of the engine and can be accessed from below (by jacking the car up at the front)

when attempting to change it I found that it was VERY difficult to remove (perhapse had been overtightened previously?)

after struggeling to remove it for quite some time and many unsucessful attempts with filter removal tools I found it nessesary to drive a screwdriver straight through the filter allowing me sufficient leverage to turn it :P

needless to say it was a messy job!

having said that it didnt take that long to do once I had found a good method of doing it and now I have the satisfaction that its been done correctly by myself :)

when refilling with oil its important not to overfill, the 1.8 has a very small range between minumum and maximum on the dipstick (about 4 eggcups full believe it or not!)

hope this helps :P

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