Ford Fiesta Mk7.5 1.25 Induction Kit

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I'm wondering what would be the BEST induction kit to buy for my fiesta.
Not really looking for performace gains (It's a 1.25 not a 2litre turbo lol) more for better sound and looks.

Also wondering what sort of piping would be best to buy?
I'm looking to change my pipes to red

K&N said this air filter:
for my car
just wondering if there would be any better.

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of course K&N are going to say buy a K&N filter, lol. But no, if you can afford it I'd go for a J1 Automotive! - you will not really see any difference at all off a panel filter, no sound and no looks as it will be in your air box - i've got a pipercross panel filter fitted to my 1.6 TDCi.

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If you want to improve a little on sound get a panel filter that will also give you some performance, if you want to decrease your performance get a k & n 57i kit or J1, if you read into it, yes you get a better sound as you take out with the full air filter kits plus they already come with the pipes for it, but when they are dynoed the bonnet is up meaning cold air is drawn in giving the impression of more bhp but when you close the bonnet and it sucks it red hot air when the engine as in the fiestas there isn't a great amount of cold air intaking, so it actually decreases the power of the engine but gives a placebo effect with the loud engine rumble with you sat there thinking you have an extra 3bhp when really you lost 2/3 bhp when the car has heated up

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