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Help End My Nightmare Before Christmas!! Idle Issue Fiesta 1.4 Zetec

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can have either a MAF or a MAP sensor

depends on engine code but easiest way to see, look for a sensor on the large air hose that runs from air filter to throttle body, should be on the top near the air filter...thats a MAF, if nothing there then it has a MAP on the inlet manifold.

is this a manual or automatic

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Just been searching and apparently I have a TMAP sensor? Also some people say to change HT leads what are these?? Apparently garage tried a coil pack but no difference but im wondering if I should try all three?

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there are a number of reasons that could cause your issue.

there has been no mention of the idle air control valve being checked, if thats so then has to be worth removing and cleaned.

beyond that, what concerns me is that you said compressions were rechecked and showed slight improvement, does that mean the figures still werent ideal?

also, the bodge on the gas pedal makes me wonder if an attempt was made to alter the base setting of the throttle butterfly, if thats been tampered with then that base setting needs to be reset.

but can only recommend that those exhaust gasses get checked, could have a very simple problem with emissions, caused by temp sensor, a faulty 02 sensor amongst others (its the attempt at cat cleaning that makes me think this, cat cleaning is rarely successful but begs the question, why?? this was done) exhaust emissions is a vital clue in diagnostics

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re the HT leads, it all narrows down to if there is a misfire or not.....if you have a misfire then could very well be HT leads, think this is probably your best first step, find someone that can give you a definitive answer of engine misfiring or not....makes a massive difference in where to look for problem

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Ok so start with:

HT Leads

Clean idle control valve

Reset base setting of throttle butterfly.

See if that works if all else fails..

Temp sensor

02 sensor (is this the lambda sensor?)

Thanks :) your a star!! I will update in the week hopefully can find a decent mechanic now!


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your jumping the gun

you 100% need to know if engine is misfiring

if it is then your looking at..


coil pack

ht leads



(start from scratch, dont dismiss anything thats been already changed, faulty new parts/poor workmanship is far too common)

if it isnt misfiring...then an idea of where to look..bearing in mind this can be a lot harder to trace and ideally needs to be done with diagnostics/live data and somebody that knows what they are doing with it ;)

get those emissions tested first as that will narrow things down

idle air control valve

butterfly base setting (should never be touched, but going on the previous bodges, may well have been tampered with)


02 sensors

air leaks

cam sensor

also not forgetting poor wiring/connections are common on focus

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