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Optimus Prime! (Mk4 Fiesta)


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Hello all, just to let you know now before anyone asks, I doubt I will do any majorly huge things to Optimus, but I'm making this thread more of a diary of things I have and will do to my car.

First thing was the day I picked him up, sorry about the bad angles :(


Standard Stereo


Standard interior seat/cards (notice the missing gear display, I found this later in the seat runs)


And the starting mileage


And here I am clocking a pentuple mileage counter ( It hit this as soon as I pulled up outside my house)


That was all in May time, I've added a few bits since then including:

New bulbs! £12 for a set of six bulbs, (for main beam, dipped and sidelights)




Seat Covers, they're on the rear seats aswell, looks way better than the original old seats.


And a small one for now, a blue interior light, in my opinion, one of my favourite purchases.


That's it for now folks, I have had an aftermarket stereo put in and have a couple things for the future, my rear bumper needs spraying as its bubbled but I will post before and after pics once that has come around.

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some more subtle to the changes over the past few weeks include


courtesy light upgrade (two maplights)


a second boot light


(followed by a third and fourth)


and added a rear courtesy light for the back of the car



and smoked the rear lights.

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I really am starting to get a nice little motor out of optimus, am quite pleased :)

Swapped out the rear led bulb for a strip for rear courtesy lighting

Also had this little friend installed in the boot :p


I forgot say quite a while back I changed my speedomoter light to blue, aswell as the heater control pabel. Also had some footwell lighting installed too.


Managed to sneak them all into one picture lol

Also managed to get this beaut wired in too, for show only of course


Things left to do are to change all the interior switches to blue and place on the dmb badges I've ordered :)

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