Paul Walker Tribute Cruise

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hello every

this is my first ever post here, so be nice to me lol,

anyway i was sent this to me on facebook, and started think how to make it bigger, so i throught why not invite friends and clubs around the north east, i knew i would put it here first, ford guys always like to show off/drive, there as alway been something about fords i have been driving them since 1988, and plan to drive them the rest of my life, ok i know the cruise is at a bad time of the year and there be SALT on the roads, but hey you do not have to bring out the best cars, just be there, i have found out the website address (www.summermaDDness.com) does not look much But more people could make better, looks like food and films to be at TEESIDE PARK


Saturday 28th Dec 2013

Meet/Start Silverlink Retail Park at 6pm

Convoy to Teeside Park for 7.30pm

1min silence at 9pm

Please add comments or if you's fancy joining me on this what could be a good tribute drive

more info found in there facebook pages !

"this is a copy and paste off there facebook site"

RIGHT THEN!! The Paul Walker tribute cruise down south has been
cancelled/postponed due to getting too big with nearly 10k cars
attending.. SO, myself and Stacie Williams
have collaborated to do something on the same date (December 28th) for
the same reasons. Personally i was looking forward to a road trip so we
decided that Summer MaDDness will be running a road trip convoy down to
Teeside Park for the 'North East Paul Walker tribute event'

Convoy will be departing from Silverlink retail park at 6.30pm prompt
going down the A19, through the tunnel (pop bang, woosh) then all the
way down the A19 to the A66 and into Tee park.
I'll get the Event
created in the next hour or so and i shall get a flyer done ASAP. Stacie
is organsing the Tee park side of things and will require helpers for a
few different aspects from collecting donations for Paul's charity to
making sure all the cars get in so please message her if you would like
to help out.


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