o/side front track rod

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slacken off the wheel nuts

jack the car up

remove wheel

remove the nut that holds the ball joint under the wishbone.

undo the nut that's on the track rod end

une a hammer to release the ball joint from the wishbone then

count the amount of turns it take to unscrew the track rod.

jit the new one the same amount of turns you just counted.

tighten up the nut on the track rod &

tap the balljoint onto the wishbone

tighten the nut onto the new wishbone & refit the wheel.

i would replace the whole part inck the arm of the track rod

phone this place for it. cost's about £15.00 inc postage i think

maybe best to do both sides as you may find if 1 is gone it wont be long for the other to go

ford will be about £70.00 or near that as i was quoted that for my galaxy a yr or so ago.

should take about 30 mions approx.

i hope this helps you

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