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this is probably gunna sound like a dumb question but never mind .

ive been looking too put an rs turbo engine from an s2 escort in my mk5 the car already has a cvh engine all iwas wondering is wat is the box that sits over the gearbox looks like its something to do with the injection unit .

i am looking to do the conversion myself i put a new engine in my car the utha day but fancy an rs turbo engine now lol.

i no a bit bout fords but was just wondering what parts i would need ie ecu ,loom, injection unit etc.

i dnt think puttin the engine in will be a problem its just the wiring and the injection and all the small things etc

hope someone can help



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Hi Chris,

you will need the complete loom etc, go on there is loads of info and help on there as they tend to have more modified ford cars and they have a dedicated rs turbo section..


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