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Rebels Project.

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Hi all. I'm Andy.

Might as well start with a little car history.

My First car was a red Rover 25. (Yeah I know) *Lisa* was a nice car so I thought till the thing had a head gasket change an blew up on me while on my way to work. Will update with pics later.

My second car *Riley* was a fiesta 1.1 mk6 in silver. Lovely little car. Sadly I didn't have her that long as some !Removed! came out of a blind bend and ended up on my side of the road. Swerved to miss him but ended up losing control and write it off. :( he got away Scott free and left me trapped.

My 3rd car *River* was Fiesta Zetec mk6 1.4. I loved that thing. Nippy. Smooth did my really proud to own.


This was taken on the day I part ex'd her.

And the reason for this thread.

Shadow. My Focus Titanium 1.6 TDCi in blackpost-19574-138695980137_thumb.jpg

Now I've done some small mods already

Upgraded map lights to blue LEDs

Both front and back interior lights to Blue.

Footwell lights to blue LEDs

Ignition LED ring. - bit of an !Removed! to do as the wiring connections were slightly different for my interior light.

So out came the snippers, Stanley blade, and some connection blocks.

I found that when it was connected. The Ring lit up but the interior light didn't. I could switch the interior light on. But it wouldn't light when the doors opened.

The original bigger cable connector had 3 cables into it. Where the one on the led ring connector had 2.

So cut it all up added connector blocks and she works perfectly.

Mods to come

I plan to upgrade my side lights to LEDs

Struggling on this one. Add bluetooth USB voice control

Add puddle light electric fold mirrors


And duel rear Fog Reverse light

Interior handle LEDs

And Cup holder LEDs.

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Very nice! Just had to take my mk6 1.25 fiesta off the road as the steering rack and bottom end bearing along with the piston ring in cylinder 3 exploding and deciding to fail :( like you I did a lot of led mods and interior lighting so hoping most of it will not have to be modified when I drop the 1.6 Zetec s engine in my poor wee car

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So done a few mods since buying my Focus.

I've upgraded all interior lights to blue LEDs

I've fitted the blue ignition barrel ring.

Upgraded sidelights to LEDs

In January I added USB bluetooth VC to her. Took a lot of messing about getting the right cables. But in the end I've authentic ford parts set up nicely.

Replaced my armrest console with the USB AUX connection one with phone holder. So now my iPhone can sit nice and snug out the way while it charges.

And today I've just fitted a in car dash cam.

I finally went and bought the Blackvue DR550GW 2ch. It cost me £300 but now I'm able to record out the front windscreen and out the back window. Which I upgraded the firmware with the Russian custom firmware and she records perfect quality.

Videos I've caught on can on my YouTube page.


Pics to follow.

Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app

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My secret project!


First pic is my galaxy tab 10.1 running the waze app. Which I now don't drive anywhere without it running.

And the second one is the Torque pro app running. Helps with fuel. Shows info on how my cars running.

Thanks to Stoney871 for telling me about the Brodit Clip and making this all possible.

Also this is for you too Salsheikh!

Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app

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