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S-Max Intermittent Limp Mode

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I recently bought a 2010 S-Max 2l TDI (163) Powershift Auto, 30k miles on clock.

The first day I bought it the problem first appeared. Driving approx 70mph and accelerating the traction control light came on and then off after a few seconds. After that it went into limp mode and wouldn't accelerate past 75mph. Restarting the car resolved the limp mode. As the car was in the last few weeks of Ford Warranty It went to the dealers who said there was a low battery voltage code so trickle charged the battery.

I then drove it for 800 miles without problems. Then the exact same thing happened again. Took it back to Ford who said no fault codes stored. They suggested changing the fuel filter which was done. After another 150 miles the same thing happened again! It drives normally at all other times.

Any suggestions as to the problem? Thanks

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It has now!

Ford initially found fault codes for fuel pressure and replaced the fuel metering valve. Their subsequent tests revealed the car was
still going into limp mode. At this point the sought higher technical advice from the Ford technical department and were advised to look for a wiring problem.
Eventually the dealers did find a possible wiring problem and repaired this. The problem still persisted on long motorway journeys...in the end they found a faulty number four injector and replaced this. This has sorted out the problem. It took 3 weeks of being in the dealership to sort out!!

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I had the same problem on mine, changed all the filters, usuall stuff, still kept going into limp mode, usually at the most in appropriate moment. No fault codes, the a mechanic friend found a wire was shorting out on the engine block, wire was taped up, never had a problem again.

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Its a good job that cars come with warranty isnt it! otherwise I can only imagine the bill that would have come from this repair!

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