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What Modification Have You Done To Your Ford

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This is what I've done so far.

List of things done to the car


:Chrome Grill
:Chrome Door Handles
:Carbon Fiber pillars
:Colour coded bumerstrips front and rear
:Exhuast tip sprayed in black
:Wheel Trims Sprayed Gloss Black
:Logo On Windscreen {LONG LIVE HENRY FORD}
:Ford Flaming Decal
:Chrome Number Plate Surrorounds


:Chrome Gearknob
:Ford Air Freshner
:Ford Badges
:Ford Decal On Engine Cover

Future Plans

:Colour Code Bump Strip On Doors { if I can get them off without dameging them}
:Alloy Wheels
:Face Lift Model Rear Lights
:Front Headlight Upgrade
:Chrome And Hopefully Lots more
:Ford Seat Belt Covers
:Ford Seat Covers{Better If They Have Mondeo Logos On Them}
:ECU Remap For More MPG

My plans have been halted to try and find the cause of fuel to air ratio being off, could be due to split hoses, blocked, injector timimng etc.

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