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What Radio Comes With The Mustang?


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Hi All,

After some help if possible?

We have a customer that wants to buy a JustDrive DAB interface from us.

We have 2 products that can integrate to the Ford vehicle system, one transmits on the radio frequency.

87.6 ect.

One connects into the factory USB input.

Does anyone know what units may come with USB?

Also will a transmitted FM Frequency work on the tuner?



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Hi Jono, it will depend on the spec of the car and also the year. I don't think the early pre facelift ones had any option of USB though I could be wrong (up to 2008) but the later facelifts do. I rented a 2011 model out in California in 2012. This had a shaker 500 stereo with SYNC, bluetooth and USB. When it comes to FM frequencies I'm fairly sure that should work although the American units may have less frequencies available to use.

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