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Focus 2008 advanced navigation system 'freezes'


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I've recently bought a 2008 Focus Titanium 2.0TDCi (registered July 08) with the advanced navigation system installed (one with the 5" screen).

A couple of times now the system has frozen up whilst I've been driving - most recently when playing a CD. None of the buttons work either on the console or on the steering wheel controls so you can't even eject the CD. On this occassion the screen was displaying a blue background with a white line on the top - that's it. The other time I was playing an ipod via the AUX IN socket - the system froze on the AUX setting and again none of the buttons responded.

Turning off the unit whilst the engine is on doesn't make any difference but when I turning the whole engine off seems to reset the system and unfreeze it.

Can anyone advise whether this is a known issue that can be sorted out, a faulty system or just something I've got to live with? I only bought the car 2 weeks ago but the dealer is in Newcastle and I'm in Bristol so I can't just take it back.

Any help or thoughts greatly appreciated!


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We've had our Focus with advanced Navigation for 5 months now and the system has just started doing the same. It locks on to a radio station then every single button/control apart from on/off will not function. Even switching the unit on/off will only bring back the radio and blank screen. Only solution is to switch the ignition off/on.

It's happened twice already - if it happens again I'm logging a fault with Ford. I can just see the day after the warranty runs out, I'm left with a faulty unit that costs £££££ to repair / replace.

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