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Fiesta Titanium 2009 Left Folding Mirror


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My right had side (drivers) folding mirror works fine and folds when requested or when unlocked door.

The left one does not move at all. The mirror itself can be adjusted using the electric mirror button, but the wing mirror itself does not automatically fold. It doesn't make a noise, or attempt to move.

Haven't changed fuse as not sure which one it is, cant find fuse layout guide.

Attached picture of fuse panel.

Unless you think it's something else? You'll all be better than me. I have NO idea.

Thanks in advance.


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It could be:

  • The mirror/motor
  • Issue with wiring somewhere
  • The relay (2 black boxes in bottom right of your fuse box above the pink 30 fuse. One is for right folding mirror and the other for left)
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Just swappped them round. The relays are fine. Still no movement from the left hand side.

What's the easiest, most inexpensive way of fitting a new motor. Ford are extortionate!

If it's wiring , then I have no idea how to check something like that. The mirror still moves so I think the wiring is fine, just motor that folds may be broken.

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To replace the mirror (get one on eBay for £50/60 - make sure it has 8 wires [not 6] so it is the powerfold version) or check the wiring you'd need to take the door panel off. Instructions in my vid below. (By check the wires I mean undo the plug inside the door and use a multimeter to check current when mirror is supposed to be folding)

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So before I buy new one, I should follow your vid, take the door panel off and double check that where the car connects to the mirror is actually receiving a current, as this could be the fault and not the mirror itself. If it's got a good current. Then it's the mirror and buy a new one?

Did have a look, does anywhere sell just a new motor for the mirror? Instead of the whole unit?

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  • 9 years later...

I know this is an old thread , but I just wanted to say thank you to iNath.I was trying to work out why my mirror wasn’t folding,( apart from the fact that the passenger window wouldn’t go down all the way ) and spotted the 6 wires comment . 
I won’t keep trying the fuses any more.

Previous owner installed the wrong mirror and had the cables interfering with the window.

Many thanks iNath 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


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An old thread but may as well add to it, a local near me has a red Titanium, purchased secondhand like, his driverside mirror would not fold in or move, he tried everything with no success, I asked him to fully check the mirror, turns out it was a bog standard mirror with no electrics in it at all, the original must have been smashed off some time in its life, previous owner refitting a cheap version. 

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