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Fiesta Alloy Wheels

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Hi, I'm new here and am in the process of buying a Fiesta., so Hello

The car I have nearly bought (payed a deposit) is a Fiesta Zetec Blue 1.4 TDCI, it's a 58 plate and has full Ford history.

The car is in VGC apart from the wheels, which have been changed due too the originals getting buckled, I understand this is quite common, from reading about this problem.

The car had 195/45/16 wheels and tyres, I take it, it's the 45 profile tyre which is not giving much protection to the wheel

I'm wondering if I can fit 15" wheels with a larger depth tyre....say a 195/65/15 to give the car a more supple ride or could I fit a 55 profile to the 16" wheel.

Any advice would be very helpful.

Thanks, John

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You would need to use spacers to stop it rubbing on the inside and blowing out. You would also need to watch the overall diameter of the wheel doesnt change.

Take a look at my thread for "what wheels will fit my ride" (in my signature) and it might give you some idea's.

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Hi i have just bought a 1.4 tdci zetec. And someone had put 175 65 15 on it and it drove orfull. I put it back on 195 50 15 and it is a much for fun to drive now it is far better.

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good tyers will help ride comfort and handling,, do not be tempted to go for cheap tyers,, makes ride comfort crap, loud road noise ,use of more fuel,, and ware away quicker,, pay that bit more ,, more comfort, it saves you more in the long run,, i had a cheap 195/45/16 ,hard ride , ware was unbeleveable,, put conti sport on ,, worth every penny, ride and handling alot better,, still got 6mm tread on them ,,i would have bought 3 lots of cheap ones buy now, and been out of pocket ,plus had a year of a sore !Removed! n back,lol, plus the crap handling,, buy crap it will be crap,, does not pay to go cheap on tyres , buy quality tyers at start , and save in long run,, thats my thought to comfort and still have a safe,, comfy,, sporty look, hope that helps

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