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Engine Rattle


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Hi every1. I'm new to this site.

I have a 2.0 tdci awd titanium x 2013

The car has done nearly 7000 miles.

Yesterday I noticed an unusual rattle coming from the engine when I accelerate a little.

Only seems to happen when the engine gets up2 temperature.....

Also I've noticed the radiator fan is always on when I come bk from a trip out about 15 miles.

Seems odd to me as the engine temp is normal.

No warning lights on the dash.

Checked oil level.

Checked the water level for the radiator.

No loss of power.

But very annoying as I kno it shouldn't sound like this.

Getting booked in tomorrow.

Has any1 else had this problem. ??



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cant say I have seen the issue, but I think the two are unrelated.

The rattle could be something small like a loose nut, or a bad mount, but the post turn off fan running sounds like either the DPF regeneration, or perhaps a thermostat issue causing the fan to cool the car...?

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Hi mate. Sorry for the late reply.

Got the car back today.

Made up with it now. :)

There where a couple of error codes on the diagnostics.

But they said they couldn't understand why it come up with these codes.

So they resets it. And uploaded fresh software.

Car runs a dream now.

Thanks for getting back to me. :)

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