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Richard b

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Some few pictures how the car is looking now on winter wheels.

Spoiler and mirror caps color Morello Twin exhaust tip Difusser in Backorder model S, lights transformed to LEd DMB badges Xenon 6000K interior led ICE blue


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Richard did you have any problems with your HID Kit? See my thread I have just posted where I am having real trouble getting them to work, cant see your car being any different to mine.


Can you post a link to the ones you have for me, thanks.

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When the sun is shining over here i will make some decent pictures of the car.

It is the same here as in the UK rain rain rain.

I have ordered a new diffuser on the back now waiting fod normal weather.

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Hello i have a question

is it possible to fit the ST diffusor to my car i have a detachable towing bracket.

And some litle mods to my car can not do much because of the weather.


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My litle project ford Projector lights with logo

Picture heavy




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haha LOL niet slecht !Removed! :)

A question there was somebody on this forum thet fitted 3 doors side skirts on a 5 doors, he had cut some material off.

i can not find the topic anymore anyone kows were i can find the topic.

Her a picture a small update


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verry easy connect them to the pudle light in the mirrors if you heve them.

otherwise connect them to sealing lights that also do the trick

Does that not involve removing the door panel etc?

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Hello can somebody help me i need pictures from the underside of a St spoiler on a MK 7.5

i am asking this because i have a towing hook detachable i would like to know is it wil fit.

That need to cut i know before i order one i need to know if it wil fit.

Thnx in advance.

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Thnx i know enough i can order one it will fit no pproblem at all.

I will post pictures when i have de diffusor on the car somewhere around 20-5

Thnx for the pictures

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