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Unlocking And Transferring Number On Tesco Mobile

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Well I've just entered the 21st Century and bought a smartphone :)

I bought the Moto G from Tesco 1) Because it was cheap...£100, and 2) It's allegedly very easy and cheap to unlock, although to be honest I have never unlocked a phone before.

So far I have discovered two things about Tesco mobile internet up here 1) The network coverage is absolutely rubbish!!! No 3G or even 2G at times and 2) When you do get a signal the charges are horrendous...10p per minute if using WAP or 10p per m/b.

So I've done a bit of research and discovered that ASDA use the EE network, which has a good 3G signal up here, and their charges for everything are about half what Tesco are.

So the query goes like this. How do I go about unlocking it AND transferring my number as well?

I assume that I would need to unlock it first but I can't get into my head how to transfer the number. Don't both SIMs need to be in an active phone for the number to be transferred?

I've seen the videos and got the eBay links for a trusted provider of an unlock code, it's just the whole number transfer malarky I can't get my head round :wacko::blink:

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You just ring up your original network and get a PAC code from them. Then you ring up the new network and give them the code.

Everything is done at their end so neither sim will need to be connected to the network at the time.

Sent from my GT-N7100 using Ford OC mobile app

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have a look on the

xda developers forums for all your mobile needs,what these guys dont know anit worth knowing. ;)

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