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D13 HPD 95

My Fez Named Melissa :)

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My little fez thread

First pic I got of the day when my dad pasted it on his way

to work, I fell in love with her since then


Went that weekend and bought it (after she had a very good




I wasn’t 17 for 5 months so she sat on the drive getting used

once a week :(
she didn’t like that at all developed an oil leak and gearbox seals all went
easy fix but wasn’t what I wanted after having the car not even a month :/

I didn’t mod the car in anyway until I passed my test

(parents said no haha)

First thing was private reg D13 HPD



I didn’t really do anything big to start off with due to

spending money on a gf -.-

But woke up one day and decided no im doing what I want with

the car,

So started of with some DMB’s gels, I thought white would

look good on a blue car I was wrong haha, but left them on, i have some new black and blue ones to add after I've painted the chrome surrounds


Over time I changed the air filter, upgraded all the lights,

detangoed and leds installed, then got the asain grill with a tow strap, wind



The next big thing was upgrading the front brakes to the

bigger size and painted the callipers and drums at the same time, all ready for
the new alloys I got. 15’s went on nicely but I wish I got 17’s but I like them
and wouldn’t change them now.






Next was the tinted lights, done all round front and rear,

but after a couple of months the fronts stated to fade and I noticed they wernt
helping the light output and also got a note on the mot they were border line
failing so they came off. Left the rears on tho.





Then I got excited with the paint and started to paint

anything I could get my hands on lol





I colour coded the interior and got that looking nice, am

very happy with the results still.

Also painted the mist jets, aerial antenna vision blue, I

then got some CSR headlight brows and painted them vision blue but I really
didn’t like them too much so they had to go in the end.

I installed some drls under the bonnet grill, but im

currently working to change them so they sit just under the headlights and glow
the headlights seen it done before and looks good, also got some drls to fit to
the asain grill at a later date.


Audio upgrade came about, I installed 6.1 speaker system 4

tweeters 2 pocket subs and 2 conical Speakers all wired by a 1200w amp, im now
looking at maybe an under seat sub to go with it not sure tho.

I de-badged the rear as I didn’t like the style + logo and

added an s badge

De-tangoed the mirrors and wrapped the covers in gloss black

but im going to paint them at a later date, and also I wrapped the indicator
covers in fly eye kit.

Then got busy with some leds inside, fitted them on top and

underneath the glove box, in the drivers foot well, and under both the front
seats so the rear flooring is lit up.



also the led key


Sun strip was installed as I was peeded off with the high

sun in summer

I then installed some rear parking sensors after a little

incident involving a trolley a supermarket and me in a huge rage trying to park
and gf wining in my ear wasn’t too happy to say the least lol


Carrying on with the interior I installed the sports pedals

and the foot rest, followed by the lockwood dial kit looks amazing at night
now. Then wired up the new interior mirror the auto dimming one, cannot be without one now after using it in the early hours and late at night would defo recommend!!



Then got a local garage to lower the car with a set of

H&R 30mm looks good now

Xmas then came along, I got some projector headlight, with

hids installed, also got the bonnet protector on, and upgraded the number plate
lights to 5000k 24 leds set super bright now.





lastest pic on a frosty morning at the gfs :)


Now into the new year and i will also remember to take photos for guides on things i install for anyone.

here is the list on things waiting to be bought or fitted :)

Triple r headlight brows and splitter in gloss black coming

soon in the next week should be here.

Pipercross hfic needs to be fitted

Got some one off side strips from DMB and new gels for the

front and rear woo Im thinking dave at dmb will sell the side strip I
had custom made, had them in the post and waiting for a good clean to fit them plus nice weather lol

Got to paint the front 2 grills and rear diffuser gloss

black plus some under headlight brows, along with the grill inserts vision blue

Looking to fit a dash cam just need to wait and fit,

Also have the cobra sports exhaust but im waiting till the

time is right to buy that,

Then last but not least on my list is wheel spacers for the rear

Will keep you updated as and when I do anything well when I

get time away from work and the missus haha

Enjoy as much as i do :)









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You almost certainly wasted the money on that air filter upgrade, otherwise it's nice.

Sent from my LT30p using Ford OC mobile app

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I had a J1 first but got rid due to insurance and got this but just sent it back to sender today, dont want it as getting another J1 miles better :) plus redesigning air flow :)

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the tripple r splitter will only fit if you have the zetec-s bumper as far as I know

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I did question that but Kev at triple r has a slighter smaller version for the standard bumpers so should fit :)

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Mountune spark leads got added today waiting for new filter to be delivered today too :) sounds crisper on start up


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A couple more edditions this afternoon, cree reverse LEDs and also star fish brake lights :)







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Started painting again :D got the grille off and painting the inserts and two cover first will tackle the upper and lower grille next weekend, wind working in my favour to, primer went on like a dream and due to wind and shed door left opened the primer is touch and handle dry in 20mins not bad :) will leave it 24hours to harden before i sand any imperfections down and then get the base coat out tomorrow :) pics when done and back on the car

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Well here is the tow cover painted and lacquered just waiting to dry and buff, very happy with it so far doing the under headlight brows too, and the grill inserts when i get more paint home tomorrow here's a few pics so far



Painted and lac


Going good so far

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Where did you get the star fish brake light from they look very nice and different

Sent from my C5303 using Ford OC mobile app

here you go take a couple of weeks to arrive from states tho :)


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alright they come wrapped up so first get them in the bulb holder then cut the cable tie just as the tops enter the light unit, a bit pushing and tucking in to get all the legs in and still in the holder but looks good when they are in :)

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If you look up m8 i linked the ones i used and i will say they fit 100% no doubt but im not sure on these tbh as they dont specify a fitment ie i think the fiestas is a 380 double contact so im not 100% certain but they do look like the ones i got

sorry m8 forgot to add super easy to change :)

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just a little update, got loads to fit and sort onto the car when i can, waiting at home to fit i have

J1 air filter, dash cam, side strips, new gels, custom dash lights, half way through painting my grills, also got an rs fiesta grill for her :) hehe, so will sell the asain grill part painted ( only painted the tow cover and inserts ) also some new mats, new wipers, new 3d gel number plates, headlight brows

things im waiting to buy from the old flebay next week after pay day :) new mud flaps will paint them gloss black, throttle bodie 60mm spacer for air intake, maybe a strut brace on the front not sure, painted wing mirror caps as i broke mine haha, front splitter still hasnt arrived :( exhaust will have to wait another month maybe, toying with the idea of a gas struct for the bonnet to self open, and possible windows tinited.

will keep the updates coming as i do bits :)

and after all this she will be sold haha :'( good while it lasts tho!!! love every minute and every penny spent!!

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Some new things added today, new windscreen from auto glass this morn thanks to a lorry and a huge stone scracking my screen on thursday so new one in :) and fitted the J1 air filter, off to see norwich play man city in a bit so thats all for today, going to give her a good run with the new filter too, :) here's a pic and hopfully norwich will get 3 points today ;)


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I few more things came today and on the car, new mats and the triple r headlight brows :)



Excuse the feet and legs lol, will get pics on the car as soon as i can

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Finally got my upper grill painted and on the car will get some pics tomorrow.

Taking my splitter mud flaps headlight brows and badges to the painters tomorrow

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A couple more pics for everyone, got the gloss black upper grill on, with a blacked out ford badge (de chromed front and rear) S badges in gloss black on the car and also pick up a lot of goodies from the painters tomorrows :) its all looking good!!?






After this week i should have a lot more gloss black on the car ;)

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Those badges look really good. Wish I had de chromed mine now. That "S" badge in black should look really cool too. You just gotta decide where to put it on ya boot now. :D pics when done please.

Sent from my SM-T310 using Ford OC mobile app

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Yh ive got the new adhesive on them and will get pics on the car tomorrow and yh not sure might get rid of fiesta and just have the s will see :) and of course pics

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