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Gummi Bear

fiesta 99 1.3 L...help!! will i ever have music again?

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im really hoping someone can help me, i have a 1999 ford fiesta and the stereo in it has died on me...

i got a flat battery a few weeks back and asked a friend to come out n jump start me...i assumed he knew what he was doing but got suspicious when spark and smoke started coming off my engine...i think he'd either let the leads touch or wired them up wrong...anyway after a small panic we finally got my car going and everything is fine except that my radio just does not work now

it doesnt even switch on to allow me to put the code in or anything...i changed the fuse in the box to the bottom right of the steering wheel...i went to halford who got radio out for me (it was factory fitted) and recommended getting a new radio from a scrap yard...

i ordered one from e-bay, plugged it in and even this new one doesnt work!! the seller has a full money back guarentee if the equipment doesnt work so im pretty sure that tghe radio itself is fine...

im running out of ideas as to what it could be! as you can probably tell im not a car expert and i hate having to ever take it to garages cos im sure they just completely make up whats wrong with my car and pluck a price out the air to charge me so if anyone can give me some advice i would be forever grateful!!


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Hi jo

You should have it checked to see if any power is actually getting to the radio, halfords could have checked this.

Then you can illuminate the power source. Sounds like maybe the jump start may have spiked something... you have to be careful with modern cars and the engine management system. Could seriously do some damage if not done right.

So best thing is to see if the power is getting to the radio then see where you go from there.

Also, does the cigarette lighter work? maybe on the same circuit.

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