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Hi all.

I have done a little looking up on dash cams and for my price range and size. The mobius seems perfect for me. It seems a popular choice and has alot of support on all different forums with regular updates.

So I have a few questions. Ill be buying the camera from Mobius on amazon so I know im getting a legit one. However it gives me two options.. Standard and Wide lense. I thought Wide lense would be best for dash cam. But the Standard lense is like £15 more. Which in my eyes the more money, the better?

Now mounting the cam. Im going for the sticky back mount. Simply because its more discreet and want it hid as best as I can. I have looked into getting the lense extension cable and some how mount just the lense to my mirror like technoman did on youtube. But my concern that the lense will be jumping up and down over rough roads? I did think about drilling a hole in my mirror and having the lense neatly aiming out of it. Has anyone done anything similar or am I best just keeping it in the original Mobius case and use the stick back mount.

Any help will be appreciated.




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