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2003 TDCI Mondeo 115 BHP


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When accelerating with the vehicle from being stationary, and then taking foot of accelerator the Revs remain at approx 1100 or thereabouts for a short time and then gradually fall back to 750 which I believe is the correct speed. The actual feeling is that of the accelerator being jammed in the partly open position at those Revs (approx 1100) by some mechanical means ie. Sticking accelerator pedal although this is not the case. On starting from cold or hot the revs. are 750

Would be pleased for any information regarding this problem and the remedy

Many Thanks JRL

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I'm assuming you mean your actually pulling away in the car and using 1100 revs and when you take your foot off the accelerator the revs sit at 1100 for a short while and slowly drop to 750? This could be because with the car still actually moving, the engine/gearbox is still turning till eventually slowing the car under it's own weight. Have you tried doing this and then when you stop accelerating coast the car in neutral to see if the same thing happens?

The only way to try to describe what i mean is, if u coasted down a hill in neutral i think you'll find the revs don't move from the 750rpm tickover speed yet if you coasted with the car in gear because the gearbox is turning the engine, you'll find the revs start to rise.

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