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Any Problems Maf Sensors Anyone


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Yeah it's an expensive part - almost deceptively so because they're very simple devices.

The mondeo has a hot wire MAF, so a wire inside is electronically heated with a constant current, The air going past this wire cools it, reducing the current at the same time. The MAF measures the expected current, compared to the actual current, and sends that to the ECU.

There really isn't an awful lot that can go wrong with them, unless the wire itself is broken. The MAF sensor is held in with (if I remember right) just one screw, or possibly two, remove the electrical plug then it just pulls out. You'll find it half way along the pipe that comes out the top of the airbox, so pull it out and have a look. It's in there pretty tight so pull it firmly but carefully.

It's unlikely with that error code, but it may just need a clean. If the wire looks in-tact, carefully clean it with a small amount of carb cleaner sprayed onto a cotton bud, and clean all around the inside too. If you don't have carb cleaner, white spirit will do.

If that doesn't work then I personally would opt for a replacement from a scrappie. They aren't a heavy duty part so you'd likely get at least a good few years out of a salvaged one, for a fraction of the cost.

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Code read on 2200 tdci brought up p0100, circuit malfunctioned, does this happen often, quite an expensive part,£160ish

Just to confirm, is this a recent fault code? (with symptoms) or is it possibly an old code that hasn't been cleared?

The fault code doesn't necessarily mean the MAF sensor is at fault, it could be a connector or broken wire - worth a look if a new sensor is £160

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Took air mass sensor out and cleaned,reinstalled, car struggles to start, white smoke coming out of exhaust, (no loss of coolant), got no turbo boost, engine runs lumpy,foot full of accelerator and struggles to pick up.

Egr valve also cleaned, checked turbo pipes for splits, none found,turbo actuator arm free and smooth so no big drama there, no other codes coming up

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