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Focus 1.6Tdi Dpf Replacement

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Good morning all,

I'm looking for some help please. My '58' Focus 1.6TDi is sick, this time I believe it's the DPF. There are two fault codes, P2458 & P242F showing. I only had the EGR replaced at a Ford dealer in Nov '13 @ £600 approx. I am not mechanically savvy but I found the FOC very helpful last November.

The car is in 'limp-mode" and I managed to get it home. I was overtaking (at the legal speed) a slower vehicle, gave the power a quick boost and as I returned to the correct lane all of a sudden there was a sudden loss of power. The car will only cruise at 40-50 and not do more than 2000-2500 revs. The usual warning light (red exclamation mark) is showing as is Engine malfunction (of whatever).

My question is... Apart from bringing it to a Ford dealer and being told "brand new DPF required fella", is there anything else that can be done. I've tried to read through some other forums here.


The car I bought in Feb '12 from a Ford dealer. Three weeks later it lost power and was cutting out (in lane 3 on the M4...!). The dealer collected the car and returned it stating there was some dirt in the fuel. The evening before I fuelled it and added half a small bottle of that Diesel additive (as per recommendations) you buy in all good motor factors and stores. After that incident I never used them again. I don't drive like Meatloaf (Bat out of Hell). The chap who did me a favour by downloading the fault codes asked me if I drove hard, I said 'No' and he said well that might be the problem. He explained the process of driving high revs every so often to clear the dirt in the DPF.

I live in the St Albans area in Hertfordshire. Does anyone know or recommend any independent garages in Herts/Bucks area or North London that might help or reputable Ford mechanics on here that 'work from home'...?

Also, what is the going rate at a Ford dealer for DPF change


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Welcome to the family.

To be honest, you would need some means of completing a forced regen of the DPF, which is normally only doable via the IDS system. This can be done by non ford garages that have the capaibility, but they are few and far between.

I would suspect that if the car is around or has passed the 60,000 miles mark, then you are due a new filter, and also will require the EOLYS fluid to be topped up.

as the warning lights are on though, you would be looking again to have IDS complete the task for you.

The best thing you could do, is take your car to an indie, who may be able to reset the car from limp home mode, after replacing the DPF with an aftermarket (much cheaper!) unit, and they may also be able to refill the EOLYS fluid and also reset the counter on their. However, you may still need to pay a dealer a diagnostic fee and a part labour charge, in order to reset the counter and reset the ECU to the new DPF / Fluid combination.

Ordinarily (prior to the announcement of the new MOT regulations) we would have advised you to have the DPF removed, however, you could risk a lot more and a lot worse in the form of bills and perhaps fines, if this exploit was to be picked up by an MOT testing station who are being extra stringent of enforcing these particular regulations.

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have the codes been cleared and if so, have you attempted a regen by driving ?

codes are suggesting the dpf needs regenerating, the process probably started as you took the revs up, but stopped/failed to complete as you eased off...that triggered the codes and put you in limp..that might not necessarily mean the dpf is dead and buried, just that it needs a regen and because the regen didnt complete, car went into limp to protect it

worth trying before condemning...but codes need clearing first

needs a sustained drive in lower gear at higher revs...should tell you what/how to do this in your handbook as every make have slightly varying methods

if that fails, or already been tried..there is a growing industry in removing and cleaning the dpf off the car, heard they are good at prolonging the life of the filter, not sure of cost or if available in your area but worth a try as probably far cheaper than replacing.

most garages with fairly decent diagnostic capability, will be capable of forced regen and resets, so worth a few local garage calls.

i'm more or less in your area, but i make a point of not working with dpf problems, leave it to the specialists...but ill ask about and see if i can get any local recomendations from others in the game

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needs a sustained drive in lower gear at higher revs...should tell you what/how to do this in your handbook as every make have slightly varying methods

really?! just drive it normally at 70 in 5th for about 30 min will do the job. iv carried out many regens and all have been done in 6th at 70, keeping a nice steady thottle.

there is no need to drive with the engine screaming its nuts off!

heres an article iv found on honest johns about the XJ DPF regen which should relate to every DPF fitted diesel


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i never mentioned revving its nuts off did i, just said lower gear at higher revs...also said check the hand book for how/what..

temperature is the key, getting to temp is quicker by higher revs (not scraming its nuts off though)...

with a blocked dpf..its difficult to do 70 in 5th, let alone 6th

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ill have to read my uncles focus hand book, but there is no need to, as you put it low gear high rev the engine. the engine will know when its up to running temp and will carry out the regen accordingly, the engine management will sort the parameters that need changing.

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