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resetting engine management light

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hi, i had problems with my 2.0 tdci 115 smoking heavily and was advised it was caused by thr egr valve, subsequently i removed and cleaned the egr but to no avail. i was advised to replace the egr but to unplug the old one in the mean time, the unplugging worked in it stopped the smoking and stopped the car from juddering/stalling. as i unplugged the connection to the old egr after a couple of miles the engine management light came on.

I have now succesfully fitted a new egr which has solved the smoking and other issues in fact the car has so much more power it's quite unbelievable, however the engine management light continues to be illuminated. does anyone know how it can be reset as according to dash diagnostic no faults exist??

thanks in anticipation. andyrew

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the easiest way to get rid of the light will be to disconnect the battery for about 30 mins, make sure you have ur radio code beforehand though.

cheers for that will try it now .

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