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The Mk2 Focus Rejuvenation


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So, I have been browsing the forums for ideas and pointers for a while and so I thought, why not share the results ?

It's not much, i have many more mods in mind, but i quite like the way it is turning out !




The Idea was to colour code the Interior, I have replaced the Hand-brake and Gear stick leathers for ones with a blue stitch, almost all LED lights are converted to blue, although now i see that the temperature control could use some different colours to come out right (unfortunately there are 2 LED's that control both the knob and medium heat setting and with these knobs i didn't want to leave it green ). I the phone dock is screwed into the storage compartment along with the usb port and subwoofer gain control. AC vents chrome plated, the hand brake handle is actually an original ford part, i assume its from a higher spec ?

I want to fix up the LED's, retrofit Cruise Control, rear automatic windows, auto headlights and wipers and the auto dimming rear view mirror. I also want to fit leather recaro seats from the 5 door st. Thats all for the inside mods so far :P I have had plans for engine swap and body work improvements but it seems less expensive to actually buy a beefier car !

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Yes i was contemplating on adding the arm-rest option, i still have to dampen out the front floors and the roof so aim waiting till i have all the bits so i can do it all at once. I would also love to add that storage compartment on top of the dash, but instead of putting stuff in there, a small lcd display for the reverse camera mod + front bumper sensor display :)

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Some night time gooooodnes.

First car, when I was buying my priorities were = Cheap,air con, cheap, easy to maintain. :)

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This is the holder, if the link doesn't work its a

Universal Window Mount Mobile Phone Holder Car Cradle 360° Adjustable 58-85mm

Got it from ebay, its held in place by 2 short wood screws, as any glue i have used just looses grip after repeated use :(

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I found one for a diesel, but you have to see if it is the one :)


Got a new batch of LED's today

Will post results soon :)

OMG quality find my friend, looked until I gave up with those, they look spot on although I have to double check icon positions. :D :D bookmarked with thanks :D

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I am yet to convert mine, but I have the LEDs already, can post a link later to show you which one, my project is currently on hold as my my mpg has dropped to 17 ;( In my quest to make this car worth while again, I have found some faulty parts; busted knock sensor and thermostat along with a filthy air filter ! I read somewhere that the throttle (air valve ?) gets mucky and needs cleaning, any one ever cleaned one ?

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