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:( Hi i have a 1997 1.7 puma & its driving me crazy!!!

About 4 weeks ago as i was driving it started misfiring & then some white smoke appeared...cue rac who found out number 1 cylinder wasnt firing(it also stank of petrol) he did a few checks & stated that either the piston rings or a valve had gone...GULP!!

Got it compression tested next day & according to the mechanic there is no loss of compression so he recommended new plugs & leads..hey presto it was fine....for 2 week....it did exactly the same thing number 1 cylinder not firing again.

Got it put on diagnostic machine which said it had a fuel flow fault so the fuel filter(which hadnt been changed for years by the state of it) was changed & this cleared the fault on the diagnostic machine & the car run fine....for about a week!!

Same problem again....this time diagnostic machine said heated o2 sensor was slow response...took out & cleaned that & the plugs & again its running again(little bit of smoke from exhaust still but been told that will clear??)....but why does it keep dropping that cylinder???

any ideas would be welcome as it doing my nut in!!! :(

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