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Mk4 Escort Idle Problem


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Every time it rains, the idle speed of my Escort drops really low to around 300-400 rpm until it is nearly cutting out. Usually it idles fine but whenever it starts to rain it seems to do this. Anyone know what could be causing this or how it can be rectified? It has the 1.3 HCS/Kent engine (with carburettor) if that is any help.



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bit of an odd one

are you sure engine isnt developing a misfire in the wet?

any recent service?

It hasn't been serviced since I bought it, although it was MOT'd. The previous owner had a re-conditioned engine in not long ago I think.

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I was thinking moisture getting in the carb, how is the air filter?

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That does sound plausible, as I don't think the air filter has been changed in a while. I haven't had a chance to look today but I'll definitely check tomorrow when it's light.

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place to start really, is giving it an engine service..plugs, oil/filter, check the air filter, but you also mentioned recent recon engine, in which case highly recommend getting the valve clearances adjusted too.

dont think rainwater could possibly enter air filter assy, but check it anyway

is the idling the only issue, or is there other symptoms, such as flat spots, loss in power.

at the moment, more inclined to believe the rain is a bit of a red herring, but cant dismiss it, which is why im asking if you get any other symptoms

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The car seems to drive normally, there isn't any noticeable loss of power. It has only happened twice, both times during rain, although it could be a coincidence like you said.

I will service it as soon as possible anyway and get the clearances checked and adjusted. Thanks for the replies :)

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