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Thermostat Housing Repair Cost


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Hi All,

Was wondering if I could have some input on the price I was just quoted on my Fiesta (Mk6 1.25).

Essentially been leaking water for a few weeks and taken it to a local garage who have said it is leaking from Thermostat Housing and will cost £175 to repair.

Does this sound about right or a little steep? It's a local reputable Ford garage called Bridge Garage so wouldn't think they'd hoover my wallet for fun.

Thanks for the input in advance,


P.S. Looks like my new IKEA furniture will have to wait another month :(

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Did they say what the issue was exactly? May be a perished o-ring, or a crack in the housing, or perhaps the sensor itself? Either way, some of the cost will be labour (less than half an hour I would imagine) - £175 sounds like it's the right ballpark for a main dealer repair of this type (still a lot of money though). However, it may be possible to repair yourself for a fraction of that? Depends what the fault actually is, and whether you are at all mechanically hands-on! If you are so inclined, you could see if you can get them to give you specific info, and get a price for the necessary part(s)?

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The part (which includes the stat, housing and o ring seal and sender) is about £86 inc VAT. Plus the labour and VAT will come to around that as they will charge a minimum 1 hour although it wont take anywhere near that long.

You could save yourself the labour cost as its a real easy job to do.

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Thanks for the replies guys, glad to see they didn't totally rip me off.

Parts replaced were; thermostat housing, thermostat, gasket housing and thermostat seal. The total price of that plus anti-freeze was a tad under £70 plus £77 for labour both excluding VAT.

When it comes to cars I am not mechanically minded at all, in fact 2 weeks work experience at a VW dealership in Yr10 at school taught me I didn't want to be a mechanic. Computers on the other hand is another story :)

Thanks for the input guys it was most appreciated. Now, to tax it now...expensive month! :(



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