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Air Con - Eatc


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Had the car since middle of Feb 14 and today is the first time I needed to cool off.

Put the air con on and set temp to coolest temp but it didnt get really that cold.

Last car had an ice button which froze ya wotsits off but can't do this in the Fiesta.

Is this normal or am I missing something.

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In my 2014 ST2 I've been having to run mine at "Low" or 16 with the fan turned up a couple of clicks to get the cabin anywhere near a comfortable temperature - in reality it is still on the warm side. This is when the outside temp is around 18-22 and a mix of sunshine and cloud.

Previously I've also had the cabin steaming up in wet conditions which shouldn't happen as the AC should dehumidify the air.

I've had it looked at by my local Ford Garage who have said that the EATC is working perfectly but they topped up the refrigerant just to be sure. In truth it has made no difference.

I've had full climate control in 11 of our cars over the last 15 years. In all of them I guess that I would have been running the AC at
around 18-19 fully auto to get a comfortable temp in our current type of weather.

If I had set them at 16 I would have been getting goose bumps. Sadly there is no chance of that in the ST.

My difficulty is that the garage says that there is no fault with the system but I think there is. The problem is that it is really hard to


Is the AC in the Fiesta rubbish or is my car playing up - what do you think?

PS Another quirk, after the car has been sitting for an hour or two the AC gives a big blast of heated air on start-up before going into a cooling mode - is this normal in a Ford? (My garage says it is)

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Now the temperature outside is around 25 I'm having to run the EATC permanently on Low to get the cabin even vaguely cool.

Allen Ford (Bath) have had a look at it, refilled the gas and say it is ok - but surely this can't be right?

The MK6 Fiesta ST boys seem to say that their systems refrigerant capacity is labelled at 450 but that it needs 650 to work properly.

Has anyone heard anything similar on the MK7's?

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sounds to me like an air con fault. If you press the A/C On button, the EATC panel should show its on, you should feel a light clunk and hear a bit of noise, or you should feel the air gets cold.

If not, you could either have too little refirgerant, or like I recently had on my mondy - a faulty compressor (alternatively the condensor can also be the problem).

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The cooling sort of works - if you turn off the AC the air gets slightly warmer.

The trouble is that although it is providing some cooling the air is no more than coolish rather than being freezing.

I'm wondering if the sun sensor on the top of the dash or the cabin air temp sensor that's faulty.

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possibly, but then again if you set it to Mono mode, and the temperature to Lo, then it should just keep pumping out the cold air for as long as you want it (as the manual would do).

Only Auto relies on the sensor.

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Picked up an 09 titanium and as above put ac on and only got slightly cool air

Will get it it re gassed and then see what happens

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