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Advice Needed! My Poor Puma!!!


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Hi all, hope everyone well!

I am looking for some advice & help to diagnose my "poorly" puma!

Driving it the other day, it was extremely difficult to get it into gear! At the same time this problem was occurring, the car seemed, to me, to be sluggish!!! I did eventually get it into reverse, but there was a loud "crunching" noise, and the car seemed to jolt!

It has been topped up with brake & clutch fluid and, up until yesterday, all was well with Puma!!!!

It has been driven today, and although not as bad as previously mentioned, it is "not right"!

I am going to get it booked in to a garage for a service but, at the moment, I am a bit scared to use it, but need to!

If anyone can give me any help, reassurance etc, I and my "poorly" car, would be most grateful.

Many thanks :unsure:

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It's either the clutch mechanism is at fault or the gearbox.

With the clutch you may have a worn seal in the master or slave cylinder resulting in the clutch not disengaging fully resulting in clutch drag.

If it's the gearbox it may be a synchromesh fault whereby the gear mechanism is not engaging cleanly and likely down to worn or damaged parts.

Can you change into all gears cleanly with the engine off and the clutch in?

If no I'd say clutch.

If yes I'd say gearbox.

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Many thanks for your kind help.

Since posting, "poorly" puma now has a leak! There is fluid leaking from behind the passenger front wheel. I have been "unofficially" advised that it is the clutch! I am going to use my Mum's trusted Mechanic and try and get it to his garage tomorrow! One thing after another with this poor car at the moment. However, your kind help is very much appreciated. Many thanks.

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