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Afternoon chaps.

Just joined the site, and I have a question for the floor that Mr Ford cannot answer.

If I'm covering old ground, bear with me.

I've got a Kuga Titanium x on order which is fitted with xenon lights.

We intend to do lots of travelling around Europe and in fact have such a jaunt booked for July.

I cannot find out from anyone what provisions the lights have to be used for the left dip to right dip.

ford have mentioned a few things to do..

Change the light units at Dover by their technician and be billed for lots of money.

Download a schematic from the ETIS site and colour in or tape the relevant area. What on 30k vehicle!!

And finally one said there is no requirement to do anything unless it's a preeminent export.

So what the answer. Postcards only please to this site.

Maybe the xenon beam is a flat one? I have asked Mr Ford that should. I be stopped and fined many gazillion euros for not changing them over, would they pay the bill. Anyway after he stopped laughing, they have no idea what to do on a product they build.

Is there anyone who can give a definitive answer.

Phill in Wakefield.

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Thought there would have been more replies, especially from Ford technicians.

There must be other Kuga owners who go abroad, what they do?

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So my question has been answered by the nice people at the AA. They called Ford and were informed that the xenon lights have a flat been and no adjustment is required for driving in Europe on a non permanent basis.

I had cancelled my order bit resigned up and got another £500 off. So well happy.


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