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Mk7.5 Fiesta Zs (Panther Black)


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Picked up my car only 6 weeks ago, & since then i've been clocking up miles and making a few little changes here and there until I put down some money on the interesting stuff (performance upgrades).

From new I had the windows factory tinted and the upgraded alloys (which i wasn't overly fond of but they've grew on me massive amounts)

Story so far..

  • Team Heko Wind Deflectors
  • DMB gel overlays (front & rear)
  • DMB gel overlays (centre caps)
  • DMB Steering wheel 'S'
  • S badge added to grill
  • Lockwood sill protectors
  • Footwell lighting changed to red
  • Debadged rear

Future plans...

  • Eibach pro kit lowering springs
  • De tangoed
  • Remap (hoping mountune develop something better than the current 10hp increase)
  • Triple R composites front splitter
  • St rear diffuser
  • Milltek catback exhaust system
  • Rota grid or team dynamic alloys
  • DMB steering gel overlay

A few photos of the current situation








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Really like that, looks great all black! I've got the the same but in blue, just waiting for the overlays and badges to come, same as yours. I like the sill protectors and wind deflectors, they look really smart. You got any links for them? Might have to have a look at them now I've seen this haha ;)

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I'll have a look into it mate cheers, is it an easy DIY job?

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Yeh it's literally three torx screws to take it off and then rather paint it or have it painted :)

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Thanks mate! I was torn between the blue you have and black for a while but finally opted for black.

For some reason this isn't letting me paste links and the attach a link tool keeps crashing out, but if you go onto to ebay and type in 'heko wind deflectors fiesta' and 'lockwood sills zetec s' there are plenty of sellers on there all offering them at similar prices bud they are usually listed as MK7 onwards for fitment

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