Omex Install & Speedo / Fuel / Rev Gauge Not Moving

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I got an Omex Rev limiter and was wiring it up - first does anyone know -
My fiesta is definately a Single coil? I have the single coil launch control rev limiter.

I need to know which wire I connect the blue wire to and which the red connects to - there are 3 wires going into the coil.

After attempting to install it without asking for help -
My speedo gauge and fuel and revs aren't moving.

They were moving when I had it all connected, but I cut the Omex wires off to disconnect it all
and my subwoofer isn't working either now - any ideas?

during my attempt of installation - When testing it, I put my foot to the floor, and the car was in like limp mode (revs went up really slowly) and you could smell the petrol as though it was over-fueling with the omex attached.
It was also quite jittery.
any clues? wires wrong way around maybe?

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tbh i dont know anyone on this forum that has set one of these up, its not a big mod here no one really likes it due to effects it will have for the car later on in life and no one really likes messing around with the coil pack wiring apart from changing the pack out for a new one so i dont think you will get much help imo, i know on the fiestamk7.co.uk forum there is a couple of people done this mod and put guides up but u have to be a member to view anything on their site.

hope it helps somewhat

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